Seibert & Rice Frost Proof Terra Cotta


Seibert and Rice makes terra cotta pots that can withstand the winter temperatures; these can be on display all year long. With larger sizes, you can pot up an evergreen, such as boxwood or juniper, and have year-round interest. 

Along with the classic rolled rim design (below, left), Guy Wolff designs are available.  On the left, his Hartford pot, and below right, the Peale pot. All Seibert & Rice designs are available through Covent Garden Wares, including the three designs shown here. Inquire about other designs.

These pots will be shipped directly from the Seibert & Rice warehouse.



                       Hartford Pot

   16" high, 22 1/2" outside diameter 



             Artisan Rolled Rim Pot

   Shown here in 15" high, 20"  wide, 

   (inquire about other sizes)



             Peale Pot

   18 1/5" high, 23" wide