Flower Pots by Guy Wolff

Handmade flower pots by Guy Wolff, in classic American and English designs. These can be shipped or picked up at our farm in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.


Peale pot, inspired by the Rembrandt Peale portrait of his brother

Rubens Peale, painted in 1801, Philadelphia. 

Available sizes:                                           


Sold Out

Bartram's Garden Pot, inspired by America's first botanist, John Bartram; Philadelphia, mid 18thC.

Available sizes:

11" high, 10 1/2" inside diameter:

1 available, $200

10" high, 9 1/2" inside diameter:

3 available, $150 each

Cornwall, England Pot; designed and made for a very famous English guitarist. You will certainly get "satisfaction" having these in your garden.

Available Sizes:

Sold out

Peabody pot, inspired by a 19thC North Shore Boston flower pot, with handles on the sides.

Available sizes:

12" high, 12" inside diameter:

10" high,  10" inside diameter

2 available, $150 each

Classic Pot, the quintessential flower pot. Sized just right for windowsill herbs.

Available sizes:

4" high, 3 3/4" inside diameter:

3 available, $20 each